Learn about our recent innovations and how we have
applied these through our integration experts.

August 2021 - Aerospace

Miratron recently worked with one of our hydraulic expert partners and a premier lift manufacturer to design and build a large hydraulic scissor lift for a high-profile aerospace company. Miratron provided an electronic control system incorporating upper and lower operator stations and CAN based I/O modules with sensor inputs and robust integrated proportional coil drivers. Safety, serviceability, and simplicity are designed in to this unique system. We delivered and commissioned a complete, turn-key controls package, including operator stations, I/O modules, programming, sensors, and cabling.

January 2021 - Rock Truck Fleet

Miratron provides an after-market radio remote control system upgrade for a trucking company that owns and operates a substantial fleet of conveyor stone and soil spreaders. Our controllers enable the operator to drive the vehicle from a distance and advantageous point-of-view promoting safety, fine control, and the efficiency of a single driver/operator. Our engineering team has worked directly with the owner to design a superior heuristic and ergonomic system. Many of these controls have been in daily use for over 15-years with only periodic service to replace worn or damaged parts. Miratron recently upgraded the entire fleet with a proprietary CAN based automatic braking system to further prevent very rare work site accidents.